Waist pocket

Waist pocket made from nylon dyneema or X-pac fabric and 3D mesh:

Fit one central pocket (5L), 2 optionals belt removable pockets (2x1L, the same than for KS packs series), 2 mesh pockets and elastic( for 0,5L bottle) and one elastic shock cord :

Weight around 133 gr (without elastic) and 183 gr with 2 belt pockets (dyneema fabric).

In courtesy of Velimir:   Sunny Side of the Alps review. 

Red X-pac VX 07 fabric with full option, weight 240 gr

Choose below,fabric,200D black nylon, dyneema X 210D, X-Pac TX 07 light gray, VX 03 dark gray.
 X-pac VX07 dark gray ,blue, red are possible with 500 yen  price up, complet waist pocket (3 pockets) or only central pocket (if you already have the 2 side pockets) and 38 mm large belt option (unstead 25 mm standard) if you want more confort:
(Under 80 cm or beyond 104 cm tell me your belt size when you order please )
(New 200 D nylon  black fabric available)
Big size mesh pocket option
Big size mesh pocket option,
 come with strong mesh and bungee cord (add around 25 gr)
Big size mesh pocket option

Internal UL mesh lining pocket option:
Size, 14 cm /24 cm add only 3 gr.
Load lifter strap to stabilize the load charge if you run :
Work well with excavated bottle like "cola bottle".
(Not compatible with the use of side pocket)
Add around 10 gr

KS waist pocket
Belt size
Front Waist pocket for KS packs :
5 L made from nylon dyneema X or X-pac TX 07 (possibility of other fabric, just ask) 4 buckles and 20mm belt (without 3D mesh on back side of pocket)  total weight :
dyneema 90 gr ,TX 07 80 gr (67 gr and 57 gr pocket only)

Front waist pocket