X-Pac series

Choose here your X-pac fabric options:

TX07 light gray
X-Pac TX07 light gray is a 70D ripstop-nylon with Dacron laminate ( impregnated Polyester X-Ply™, UV resistant adhesive, 0.25mm PET film).
Tear Strength
3.2 oz/sq yd
7.9 lbs
7.8 lbs
>100 psi
108 g/sq m
35.1 N
34.7 N
>7 bar
 Ripstop: distance of the dacron fibers is app. 20mm, distance of the nylon ripstop app. 4x5mm .
The combination of X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester, Hydro State waterproof construction technology, and 70 denier ripstop nylon fabric face provides an ideal balance of weight and durability.
X-Pac TX07  is a Waterproof fabric.
Fabric weight 110 gr/ m² (3.2oz/yd²). Color : light gray(almost white)

X-pac VX 07 in black fabric, Red,  blue, white and gray (gray is soft finished so a little lighter):
X-Pac VX-07  is a Waterproof fabric
Tear Strength
5 oz/sq yd
11.2 lbs
9.4 lbs
>200 psi
162.7 g/sq m
49.8 N
41.8 N
>13.8 bar
Red VX 07
Blue VX 07
  • 70 denier Nylon
  • Black polyester X-Ply™ fabric at 22° offset
  • 0.25 mil PET film
  • 50 denier polyester taffeta backing
  • Durable water repellant finish
Gray VX 07
Black VX 07
White VX 07

New VX 21 Brown coyote (soft finish) weight 182  gr/sq m
210 denier Ripstop Nylon face Polyester and PU waterproof coating, Black Polyester X-PLY™ at 22°, 50 denier polyester taffeta backing

 Lighter but thinner than VX 21 Firm, good for KS packs, Alpisack, tao pack , Imo pack daypack, but not recommended for  R-50 pack

VX 21 (soft finish) Coyote Brown color

  VX 21 (Firm):

WeightTear StrengthWaterproof
6 oz/sq yd16.9 lbs13.5 lbs>200 psi
203.4 g/sq m75.2 N60.0 N>13.8 bar
  • 200 denier Nylon
  • Black polyester X-Ply™ fabric at 22° offset
  • 0.25 mil PET film
  • 50 denier polyester taffeta backing
  • Durable water repellant finish
Made in the USA

VX 03  black
Light X-Pac.  WT/SQ YD = 4.2 oz. 142gr m²    Waterproof, 30/40 denier double ripstop nylon with black polyester X-Ply reinforcement threads at 22 degrees.  .25 mil PET flim with a 50 denier polyester taffeta backing making it more abrasion resistant on the inside of your project.   Also has DWR finish on face fabric.
More light and flexible than VX 07, your pack will be lighter than dyneema finish KS packs with more waterproof effect.
(Nylon dyneema fabric have a stronger ripstop than X-pac fabrics)

Select your X-pac fabric option :  

X-pac fabric options
 X-pac series KS packs come with this finish:
Bottom and side pocket  in 330D cordura black fabric by default for TX-07 and VX 03 .
Bottom in 500D cordura black for VX 03 and VX 07 fabric, pocket in X-pac VX 07.
1000 D bottom cordura for VX 21 Firm fabric.
For more flexibility and confort the up side of shoulder strap and waist belt are made in cordura 330D black fabric.
Note: Although the X-pac fabric is waterproof we can not consider the pack waterproof  because the seams are not sealed , some water could enter by seams.

Side pockets and bottom in cordura 330D by default for TX 07 VX 03 finish pack.

 Blue VX 07 and dyneema X 210D mix fabric option

 Black VX 03 and dyneema X 210D mix fabric option

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Dyneema fabric options for shoulder strap/waist belt/ bottom and side pocket instead of cordura fabric or vx fabric.
210 denier Dyneema X Gridstop fabric weight around 165 g/m²


Dyneema options
Bottom in X-Pac VX 21 black fabric option:

Price 500 JPY