Tao pack

                       Currently manufacturing lead time: about 8 weeks    
"Tao is simple"

Now 20 mm daisy chain and strap/buckle in place of 13 mm in PIC
Top Zipped pocket option discontinued

Loops to fasten pole included
Removable 25 mm waist belt included.
Optional back bottom in 3D mesh 10 mm padded
Original "Joker hat" shaped  top closure system =
Dry bag top closure system with load lifter effect, now in 20 mm strap/buckle not 13 mm like in PIC,
to allow a dry bag closure like this.

Ridgerest 120 cm is not in contact with your body
Loops at bottom of the pack included

Dry bag top closure system fit 15 mm velcro tape included.
You can place your pad using the internal pocket.
 You keep away pocket items from your back and improve all back confort.
Full back in 3D mesh with not removable 8 mm foam pad
Possible lashing using included loops.

Tao pack  is a smart and minimalist designed backpack:

One 30 L main pocket with an original"Kabuto"shaped top closure system ( dry bag top closure system with load lifter effect)
 4 loops at bottom to attach your mat or various items, 2 loops near the shoulder strap start to attach your poles.
Comfortable padded shoulder strap fit 3D mesh and 10 mm foam.
One 13 mm sternum strap on daisy chain included (10gr)
20 mm sternum strap with whistle in option (add 10gr)
One removable 25 mm waist belt included (around 33 gr for 84-95 cm size)
 20 mm buckles and straps included in place of 13 mm for load lifter strap.
(Fit New velcro (Dec 2018) with soft touch, not agressive for skin and witch almost no stitch on other fabrics) Back in full fabric or in option:
 back bottom in 3D mesh fit not removable 10 mm foam padded (16gr), full back in 3D mesh (50 gr), full back in 3D mesh fit not removable 8 mm foam pad (65 gr)

Fabric: Full 200D  Ultragrid (included shoulder strap) or X-pac Ecopak:
For LS 07, and VX07, EPX200 version, 330D cordura black at bottom and back by default.
VX21 Black version come full in one same color.( shoulder strap cordura 330D black)

Some KS Packs options are possible, please check and confirm compatibility by email.
200D Shoulder strap bottom option etc... here

Weight around 245 gr for x-pac LS 07 version, without sternum strap, waist belt and zipped pocket.
For example the VX 07 red model in picture without sternum strap and without belt but with zipped pocket and back bottom in 3D mesh weight 265 gr.

Shock cord (3m) and 4 cord lock included, add around 10 gr.
4 torso sizes: 47 cm, 50 cm, 53 cm, 56 cm

1) Mesure your back (torso size) like this (up to C7, not trapezius) AND ADD 3 CM
2) And measure your usual backpack to be surebottom of the pack up to start of shoulder strap Y.(If start part is inclined, take at middle point of one strap)
 3) By default (Subject to differ according to your legs length): for 1m62 ---> 44 cm 1 m 68---> 47 cm, 1m74--> 50 cm, 1m80-->53cm, 1m86-->56 cm ( Asiatic people may add 3 cm for this method)                         
                                   Intersect the result of 3 methods to be sure.

(Price not include shipping fee and have to be added here)

Tao pack
Torso size
Waist size
Tao pack options
New front pocket option:
Strong mesh or fabric with bottom part in strong mesh to drain water.
Fit additional loops for shock cord.
Add 45 gr in strong mesh

Black cordura 330D bottom by default.

Front pocket options
If fabric color:
If top stripe color: