ΩMEGA framed pack

Currently manufacturing lead time: about 8 weeks

(Price not include shipping fee and have to be added here)

Based on KS 50-60 packs, modified to receive the new removable ergonomic frame:

All you see in this picture is included by default 

All you see in this picture is included by default 

Introduction video:

Same default equipment as KS Packs but with:

New original  bendeΩ frame (Duralumin).

Back in cordura 330D, "Omega shaped" with additional loops (for frame and sit pad if used)

20 mm load lifter strap on 38 mm daisy chain reinforced shoulder straps (Comfort and Durability)

38 mm strap/buckle in line of 38mm daisy chain on reinforced padded belt (Better load transfer on hip with comfort, Durability)

Top collar enlarged from shoulder part and 10 cm extended (66L model and Alpisack can receive horizontally the bear canister BV500, at inside top)

Top 13 mm strap secured on pack with separated mesh front pocket fitting colored top fabric stripe.

Recommend for base gear list up to 5 kg, comfort limit 15 kg, recommended limit total loads up to 18 kg.

  Available in 2 sizes:

Ωmega-56, Volume total 56 L (44 body+8 front pocket+2+2 side pockets) 

Top circumference about 99 cm, total height collar opened 90 cm (87 cm with torso 47 cm)

Ωmega-66,  Volume total 66 L (53+8+2,5+2,5)

Top circumference about 105 cm, total height collar opened 90 cm (87 cm with torso 47 cm)

 4 torso sizes: (S) 47 cm, (M) 50 cm, (L) 53 cm, (XL) 56 cm, refer to KS packs scale to determine and choose yours.

 Intermediary size are not possible, because Omega packs fit bigger than KS packs (the load lifter strap are placed higher), choose the nearest size but if you are exactly between 2 sizes, choose the inferior size.

The white 200D nylon/ spectra Ωmega-56 in picture weights 530 gr base, 545 gr with side cord and sternum strap, 615 gr with frame (70 gr torso 53 cm)  and belt 85-94 range.
Same pack total weight using UltraGrid 200 should be  595 gr TOTAL
Same pack with VX21 or EPX 200 about 650 gr TOTAL

Add 20 gr to have the total weight of the Ωmega-66

A lighter result is possible using the 200D N/Spectra bottom, pockets and back options here (to make the pack full 200D N/Spectra)

Ω frame weight (with end caps): torso 47 =63 gr, 50= 67gr ,53=70 gr ,56=73 gr  


Almost all KS packs options are possible but:

Extension collar is not possible because yet included (In fact it is a possible option if you want a longer rolled part but don't planned to increase the volume of the pack, it will be too higher and top strap too short, see picture bellow with te default collar extended at maximum, torso 53 cm)
Custom front pocket with top stipe is also included
Load lifter strap 20 mm is also included
38 mm belt is also included

For back, you can use, 
Nothing if your items are well placed,
Your pad inside
Your pad inside with inside corner option 
Your pad outside with default bungee cord included
Your pad outside with pad pocket option
3D mesh padded or not option
New! Cordura back with not removable 10 or 5 mm foam inside option
The padded lumbar cushion option.
The padded lumbar cushion option + your pad inside or at outside.

Note the back is not a perfect rectangle but is hourglass shaped, however a rectangular pad is usable.

To change side pockets, bottom, shoulder strap, padded belt and back from default cordura 330D to other fabric, options are here.

The pack is fully usable frameless.

 Ωmega framed Alpisack version is available here.

FAQ: Omega pack VS KS pack + optional tube frame? Omega frame is also removable, KS packs + optional tubes are lighter, more packable and allow you to use your own DIY tube. Omega system is more ergonomic (Low possibility that the frame touches your back), more comfortable (better load transfer) and allows you to load heavier (reinforced parts). Wider opening allows for easier loading and unloading. 66 models allow placing the bear canister horizontally at top, near the neck, moving the center of gravity more forward.

Default collar extended at maximum

Y top strap option start above
 the load lifter strap line

BV500 is compatible horizontally only at inside top of Omega 66
or Omega Alpisack. If the pack is too empty to receive it at top,
put it vertically inside or horizontally at outside like in picture bellow:

BV500 inside Omega 66

Bear box BV500 vertically placed in Omega 56
(Note: the pad could be placed outside)

BV500 at outside top of Omega 56
(20 mm top strap option or Y shaped strap option can be considered to better secure)

 Reinforced padded belt
(Better load transfer on hip with comfort, Durability)

38 mm daisy chain reinforced shoulder straps
 (Comfort and Durability)

Omega duralumin frame
 with end caps

Put your pad on back like this
using the included loops

 Frame and body clearance
I'm 183cm tall, pack torso (real 50+3) =53 cm

Price not include shipping fee and have to be added here

Dry bag top closure option is recommended when VX21 finish is selectioned. 
Torso size
Hip size
Pack body fabric
Top front pocket stripe color