Fabric options / Material explanations

How to choose your fabric ?
More than manufacturers specifications,
all fabrics are tested by myself, tear and abrasion resistance, I selected the best ratio weight/Durability for fabric I propose bellow:

For SUL packs:

LS 07 Black Heather (125 gr/m2) for SUL finish, DurableWaterRepellent (DWR) 
Only for Daypack, Imo pack, KS4/KS3 packs.

ECOPAK Ultra 200, 119gr/m2 only available for KS3-KS4 packs, Daypack,  removable waist pockets and shoulder pouch.
(Out of stock for other packs and back in stock not planned)

Best ratio weight/performance UL packs:

VX07 SOFT (Light version 145 gr/m2Black or Red :70 Nylon Ripstop face fabric treated with a DWR finish. Waterproof PU and polyester layer,  840D Polyester X Ply,  50 D Polyester Taffeta backing fabric.

Nylon 200D Spectra diamond ripstop Black with white ripstop (145 gr/m2) same finish but 10% lighter than formerly named nylon Dyneema X, very tear resistantavailable for pack body, bottom, waist, shoulder strap, pocket option etc.. water repellent.
Nylon 200D Spectra diamond ripstop full White (162 gr/m2)

X21RC Cloud grey(149gr/m2)  210D Nylon face Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°.5 mil shiny polyester film backing.DWR finish.

For colors choice UL packs:

VX 07 (180 gr/m2) for colors choice, Blue  Add + 20 gr to the pack
38% Nylon 62% Polyester 70 denier double rip-stop Nylon face Black Polyester X-PLY™ at 22°  0.25 mil PET film 50 denier polyester taffeta backing. DWR

For ecology and colors, UL packs:

NEW 100% Polyester recycled ECOPAK fabric!
EPX200  OCEAN BLUE - COYOTE BROWN  -  SILVER BULLET RED BRICK (200 gr/m2 200D polyester components 45° Blue CrossPly, 70d ripstop backing  DWR
+40 gr/Pack

 For toughness, UL packs:

VX 21  BLACK firm 220 gr/m2, a little bit heavier than other but very good strength, abrasive resistant and DWR60% Nylon 40% Polyester 210D Nylon face 0.25 mil polyester film Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°50 denier polyester taffeta backing + 50 g/Pack

For abrasive exposed part:

Default Black Cordura 330D, 500D or 1000D (PU coated)"heavy" but twice abrasive resistant than classic nylon, good for bottom, pockets or climbing packs etc.... about 185/240/350 gr/m2.Water repellent.
VX21 Firm also in option.


ET70  (90 gr/m2) is a polyester UV-Resistant top coat on 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon with Silicone DWR coating
light, flexible, UV-resistant and waterproof fabric. Available for KS3, KS Daypack and Imo pack.
 Duty 420D nylon mesh, 158 gr/m2, very, very durable and lightweight, UV resistant, low stretch. (Made in Japan)
PE 3D mesh, 2 mm thick, 178 gr/m2 ! (Made in Japan)

Disclaimer:  Although the X-pac fabric, Ecopak fabric are waterproof, we can not consider the pack waterproof  because the seams are not sealed , some water could enter by seams. I suggest just using a pack liner or dry-bag for your essentials like the majority of hikers.

NEW ! Nylon 200D Spectra diamond ripstop full White 

Nylon 200D Spectra Diamond ripstop
formerly named Nylon Dyneema X in 10 % lighter version.

LS07 Black Heather with 200D nylon Spectra
VX 07 Black (soft) + 200D Nylon spectra option
VX07 Red (soft)

VX21 Black firm + 200D Nylon spectra option

VX07 blue  + 200D Nylon Spectra option



EPX 200 Silver Bullet

Comparative grey colors

Coyote Brown Ecopak 200 EPX fabric
 + 200D N/Spectra shoulder strap option

KS packs come with this recommended abrasive resistant finish:
For bottom and side pockets, 330D cordura black fabric (OR 500D for VX21 firm finish) is used by default. Possible change bellow:
Default cordura bottom and side pocket.
200D Nylon Spectra options (Black/white grid or full white) for shoulder strap/waist belt/ bottom/back and side pockets instead of default cordura fabric (For less weight and/or his unique ripstop design ). fabric weight 147g/m²
All options total weight gain from default cordura 330D around up to -15 gr

BLACK 200D Nylon/Spectra diamond ripstop fabric option for shoulder strap, side pockets and padded waist belt

Full WHITE 200D Nylon/Spectra diamond ripstop

200D N/spectra for
 X-Pac VX 21 Black, Blue, Red or Grey fabric:option for bottom and side pockets in place of default cordura  fabric (For Waterproofness and/or design):

VX21 Grey for bottom and side pockets
(X21RC Silver grey Body)

VX21 black bottom

Back in BLACK cordura 330D option or VX 21 Black, Blue, Red or Grey fabric:
To replace X-pac fabric (mostly VX07 soft finish) or 200D Nylon/spectra to increase abrasive resistance. Add few gr...
BLACK cordura 330D

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