Fabric options / Material explanations

How to choose your fabric ?

 X-pac X21RC cloud grey fabric and
default black cordura 330D in this PIC

For SUL packs:

LS 07 Black Heather (125 gr/m2) for SUL finish, DurableWaterRepellent (DWR) 
Only for Daypack, Imo pack, KS4/KS3 packs.
For a thru-hike, prefer below:

Best ratio weight/performance UL and SUL packs:
 click here: ECOPACK EPL 200 Ultra fabric  119gr/m2
Save about -30 gr/ pack.

Good ratio weight/performance UL packs:

VX07 SOFT (Light version 145 gr/m2) Black or Red :70 Nylon Ripstop face fabric treated with a DWR finish. Waterproof PU and polyester layer,  840D Polyester X Ply,  50 D Polyester Taffeta backing fabric.

Nylon 200D Spectra diamond ripstop (145 gr/m2) same finish but 10% lighter than formerly named nylon Dyneema X, very tear resistantavailable for pack body, bottom, waist, shoulder strap, pocket option etc.. water repellent.

X21RC Cloud grey(149gr/m2)  210D Nylon face Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°.5 mil shiny polyester film backing.DWR finish.

For colors choice UL packs:

VX 07 (180 gr/m2) for colors choice, Blue , White Add + 20 gr to the pack
38% Nylon 62% Polyester 70 denier double rip-stop Nylon face Black Polyester X-PLY™ at 22°  0.25 mil PET film 50 denier polyester taffeta backing. DWR

For ecology and colors UL packs:

NEW 100% Polyester recycled ECOPAK fabric!
EPX200  COYOTE BROWN  or  SILVER BULLET (200 gr/m2)  200D polyester components 45° Blue CrossPly, 70d ripstop backing  DWR
+40 gr/Pack

 For toughness, UL packs:

VX 21  BLACK firm 220 gr/m2, a little bit heavier than other but very good strength, abrasive resistant and DWR60% Nylon 40% Polyester 210D Nylon face 0.25 mil polyester film Black Polyester X-PLY® at 22°50 denier polyester taffeta backing + 60 g/Pack (included cordura 500D part)

For abrasive exposed part:

Default Black Cordura 330D, 500D or 1000D (PU coated)"heavy" but twice abrasive resistant than classic nylon, good for bottom, pockets or climbing packs etc.... about 185/240/350 gr/m2.Water repellent.
VX21 Firm in option.


ET70  (90 gr/m2) is a polyester UV-Resistant top coat on 70 Denier Ripstop Nylon with Silicone DWR coating
light, flexible, UV-resistant and waterproof fabric. Available for KS3, KS Daypack and Imo pack.
 Duty 420D nylon mesh, 160 gr/m2, very durable and lightweight, UV resistant, low stretch. (Made in Japan)
PE 3D mesh, 2 mm thick, 178 gr/m2 ! (Made in Japan)

Disclaimer:  Although the X-pac fabric, Ecopak fabric are waterproof, we can not consider the pack waterproof  because the seams are not sealed , some water could enter by seams. I suggest to just use pack liner or dry-bag for your essentials like the majority of hikers.

Nylon 200D Spectra Diamond ripstop
formerly named Nylon Dyneema X in 10 % lighter version.

LS07 Black Heather with 200D nylon Spectra
VX 07 Black (soft) + 200D Nylon spectra option
VX07 Red (soft)

VX21 Black firm + 200D Nylon spectra option
VX07 white
VX07 white

VX07 blue  + 200D Nylon Spectra option

New! Silver Bullet

Comparative grey colors

NEW Coyote Brown Ecopak 200EPX fabric
 + 200D N/Spectra shoulder strap option

KS packs come with this recommended abrasive resistant finish:
For bottom and side pockets, 330D cordura black fabric (OR 500D for VX21 firm finish) is used by default. Possible change bellow:
Default cordura bottom and side pocket.
200D Nylon Spectra options for shoulder strap/waist belt/ bottom/back and side pockets instead of default cordura fabric (For less weight and/or his unique ripstop design ). fabric weight 147g/m²
All options total weight gain from default cordura 330D around up to -15 gr

200D Nylon Spectra fabric option for shoulder strap, side pockets and padded waist belt

 X-Pac VX 21 Black, Blue, Red or Grey fabric:option for bottom and side pockets in place of default cordura  fabric (For Waterproofness and/or design):

VX21 Grey for bottom and side pockets
(X21RC Silver grey Body)

VX21 black bottom

Back in BLACK cordura 330D option or VX 21 Black, Blue, Red or Grey fabric:
To replace X-pac fabric (mostly VX07 soft finish) or 200D Nylon/spectra to increase abrasive resistance. Add few gr...

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