ECOPAK EPL 200 Ultra X fabric option

NEW X version!

NEW X version!
 Onlblack magic color available 

ECOPAK EPL 200 X Ultra fabric NEW version! is a UHMWPE 200D face, blended with recycled polyester 0.75 mil film backing to improve laminate durability  and seams longevity (In place of 0,5 mil) + Ultra X yarn improve bias strength and good looking !

Weight: 139 gsm 

Weight saved per pack, about -20 gr (according to pack sizes and options)

When the 200D nylon/spectra fabric have only the ripstop made from UHMWPE thread, the  EPL 200 Ultra  is 67 % made of similar material +33% recycled polyester laminate film.

The result is an unbeatable tear resistance with an exceptional abrasion resistance for this weight.(Abrasion resistance is close to cordura 330D but 1,5 time lighter)

Then, the fabric can be used for any part of the pack in complete safety with its unique and beautiful "Black magic" color design.

Disclaimer: the fabric is quite new (3 years) and we don't have long term feedback about durability.

Seams are covered by binding tape like this

 The fabric color is black magic like better viewed above

 Onlblack magic color available 

EPL 200 X ultra fabric is not an available option for R-35 , R-50 pack or for padded waist and shoulder strap.

Backpacks have to be ordered in their respective pages, adding EPL 200 X ultra options below:
EPL 200 X ultra OPTIONS included for removable waist pockets, sit pad pockets, extension collar etc...(front pocket in EPL200 ultra in place of mesh will save -8 gr on KS packs)

You don't have to double payment for options below:
options for