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KS Sleeping pad (ONLY FOR JAPAN):

The best ratio between, weight/confort/durability.

Placed inside your pack to create a frame effect and/or to sleep.

A durable 10 mm closed cell PE Light Foam (Made in Japan).

Material:, Polyethylene with EVA included to increase resilience and strength.
 Size: 45 cm X 112 cm (Length variation 2 %), diameter rolled =13 cm.
Average Weight: 148 gr



Webbing strap to make your belt pocket as a satchel:

1/2 inch  nylon webbing  and length adjustable laderlock buckle, weight approx.16 gr
1/2 inch nylon gros grain   (13 mmX 1000 mm length not adjustable)             5gr
Webbing type:

Elastic shock cord and 5 cordlock set:
fit 10 meters of 2mm elastic shock cord ultralight but with a good and resistant strech (weight: 2,5 gr /linear meter)
3 mini oval cord lock with very strong pinch, made in USA (weight: 0.3gr/pcs)
2 Daimond cord lock with very very strong pinch, made in U.E (weight: 0,9gr /pcs)
10 m shock cord and 5 cord lock

Shoulder pouch (Removable)
 Fit waterproof YKK zip and NEW(Oct 2019) 25 mm clip at top and bottom  better secure on daisy chain.
 Many possible of use, For GPS, camera, smartphone, snack, 500 ml water bottle, sunglasses...etc
(Around 15 cm is needed between the 2 clip)
NEW Top and bottom 25 mm clips, 

Size 40 mm X 90 mm X 170 mm, volume around 0.6 L. weight 20 gr in X-pac LS 07, 25 gr VX 07 , N/Spectra 200 fabric , mesh pocket add 7 gr  
200D Nylon/spectra + mesh pocket

Fabric color
Universal sternum strap with whistle :
20 mm stenum strap whith whistle for every shouder strap.
Weight: 22 gr

Price: 1500 yen
Rounded pouch (Removable):
  Multi usagefor bottle, soft flask or GPS, camera, snack, smartphone etc...
Volume 0, 6 L( 7cm diameter/ 17 cm)
Top and bottom fixation by two 25 mm clips, strong mesh at bottom.
One handed use.Top enlarged Feb 2023 for easier filling
(Around 15 cm is needed between the 2 clip)
Weight from 20gr (LS07)/ 200D and Soft VX07: 23 gr

One handed use:

Rounded pouch
Fabric color
Vertical stripe color
 Lycra mesh (Medium weight) shoulder pocket on shoulder strap:
For smartphone, compact camera, sun glasses, snack etc... or water flask up to 65 mm diameter. (Not compatible with hand pull loops option): 
Add 26 gr /pai(Not removable)
 Enlarged April 2022.
Right pocket opened, left pocket Zipped  (when pack is wornby default or select on PayPal menu:

Lycra mesh shoulder pouch

If single, position:
Cord lock hook bungee set:
4 Cord lock/hook (adjustable) with 1,8 meters of 2 mm bungee cord to make trekking pole holders, roll pad holders etc.....using the default or optional webbing loops of your pack, at bottom, front pocket side....

Price: 600 JPY
SUL Satchel:
Size around 20X22 cm, weight 17 gr/ 21 gr, Mini velcro (4 cm) or zip, 1 meters of round cord, 2 hooks.
 Mini Ipad compatible size.
(If you purchase at same time a KS packs, it become a removable internal pocket, check and take the option here,  cheaper in this case )
Removable with Zip

Removable with velcro
Price 2900 JPY

SUL satchel, Closure finish:

ECOPAK 200 Ultra Removable waist pocket: