KS packs

Currently manufacturing lead time: about 8 weeks  

(Price not include shipping fee and have to be added here)

Lightweight and durable backpacks from a simple and rational building.

Concept: minimal accessories well placed for maximum efficiency!

Main application: Ultralight hiking, ultralight trekking....
(Best profit, benefice, for base gear list up to 4 kg)

 All you see in these 2 pictures of a KS50 White 200D Nylon/Spectra is included, bottom, side pockets, waist and shoulder strap are made of black cordura 330D by default (Total weight 450 gr).

KS packs series Fit:

Innovative fabrics, the weight / resistance ratio optimized for safe and sustainable using.

A large main compartment, simple and convenient to use.

 A large front pocket 8L (June 2020), made in duty nylon mesh by default (158 gr/m²) UV resistant, or fabric for color and opacity  in option (Fit mesh bottom part to drain water), to store shelter, clothing or other items even wet.

Shoulder straps (12 mm X 65 mm width): NEW (November 2021) high resilience 10 mm foam(*) covered inside by 2mm of 3D mesh, light, strong and very comfortable20 mm daisy chain included on shoulder strap up to load lifter start location for every packs by default.
(= for KS4,40,50,60, Omega, Alpisack, R-35-50, Tao pack, KS35Z)

A wide padded belt (KS 40/50) with 10 mm foam  (more firm foam since Oct 2022) covered inner side by 2mm 3D  mesh, very comfortable and provide good load report on hip (with 25 mm webbing by default).
The padded part size is the same for every packs, the webbing strap length is adjusted according to customer waist size.

2 side pockets compact and easily accessible even the pack worn(if you want them taller by customization please note it means you must remove the pack to take the bottle) closer to the hips and lower back, ensuring comfort and balance. (drainage holes at corner bottom)
Side pockets enlarged (again) Avril 2023.

A system of lateral shock cords, simple, light but very efficient (two 3 mm cord x 80 cm = +8 gr) / by  line locks , 11 loops in total including for the front pocket to allow shock cord lashing.

Top closure by simple and convenient by draw cord and  13 mm webbing strap (about 60 cm), which is fixed between the start of the shoulder straps up to the front pocket, making a load lifters effect .

13 mm webbing Sternum strap included,  height adjustable on daisy chain and removable ( +9 gr) .

Every pack come with 1,8 meters of 2mm elastic shock cord and 1 cord lock to secure your sit pad on back or to use on the front pocket etc..

6 bottom additional loops in option.

2 removable waist pockets  for all models in option.

"Frame set" is optional 

Available in:

4 volumes: 28L, 38 L, 48 L, 58L
All KS packs fits small and are highly compressible, when hesitate, skip to a superior size for versatility may be suitable.

Fabrics  explanations click: here 
For bottom, Shoulder strap, padded waist belt and side pockets, 330D cordura black fabric is used by default, change are possible by Option here.
 Nylon Spectra or UltraGrid 200 are also available for bottom, side pockets waist belt and shoulder straps here:option.

KS40 with 2 X 73mm diameter bottle

2L Bottle in KS50 (and Omega 56) pocket secured by bungee cord

Side pockets compact and easily accessible even the pack worn.
All pockets enlarged (again!) Avril 2023,
KS40 one side pocket fit now two 1 liter smart bottles, Diameter up to 75mm X 2.
Pocket are now at the maximum possible size, if you need a bigger, skip to the superior pack size, details:

Circumference at top of the pocket:
KS30= 36 cm, KS40= 40 cm, KS50=44 cm KS60= 49 cm,
To fit inside the pocket, items must be significantly thinner than the circumference, especially if the bag is rounded in its contents.

Default 13 mm strap and hook clipped on D ring, keep secured even without tension on strap (Twice stronger than 13 mm buckle for same weight. Buckle it is still available in 20 mm size option) The color of the patch must be selected on PayPal menu

Drawstring top closure by default: Draw cord/ cord lock (in PIC)
 covered by 13 mm compression strap.

 8L default front pocket with
front loops for bungee cord (June 2020).
Default Bottom and side pockets in cordura 
 to modify: Explanation here.
Fabric front pocket option finish:
 with strong mesh at the bottom to drain water.

Included loops allow to use your pad on back
(Not included when sit pad pocket option, 3D mesh or cordura padded back option, Anatomic belt option,  no top and bottom loops in this case) Z-lite pad in picture
5 torso sizes: 44 cm, 47 cm, 50 cm, 53 cm, 56 cm 
1) Measure your back (torso size) like this (up to C7, not trapezius) and  add 3 CM 
2) And measure your usual backpack to be surebottom of the pack up to start of shoulder strap (If start part is inclined, take at middle point of one strap)
 3) By default (Subject to differ according to your legs length): for 1m62 ---> 44 cm 1 m 68---> 47 cm, 1m74--> 50 cm, 1m80-->53cm, 1m86-->56 cm ( Asiatic people may add 3 cm for this method)

Intersect the result of 3 methods 
to be sure.

When you are between 2 sizes, take the bigger size.

Measure Belt hip size at larger part of ilium 
75-84 range usable from 73 cm up to 90cm
85-94  from 75 cm up to 100 cm
95-104   from 75 cm  up to110 cm
105-114 from 75 cm up to120 cm

Load lifter option is recommended for adjust your backpack torso length. (increases the length effect)

The weight of backpack are estimated with a a medium belt (for 90 cm usual pants belt) without accessory (sternum strap, bungee etc..) and without options.

KS 50 or 60 total length (collar full opened) is 80 cm, 75 cm for KS 40, 70 cm for KS30
KS 30
Volume total : 28L ( 18 L body +8 L front pocket +1+1L side pocket), 
Estimate weight (without accessories, sternum strap, bungee cord..): 350 gr  UltraGrid 200, VX07 or 200D Nylon/spectra. 
 For recommend base gear list up to 4 kg, comfort limit up to 9 kg, limit total loads up to 12 kg .
Maximum pack collar length = 70 cm, if you wear 53 cm or 56 cm torso size, consider the 10 cm extension collar option below.
KS 40
Volume total : 38L ( 27 L body +8 L front pocket +1,5+1,5L side pocket), (Bear canister compatible only at outside top, BV500 can enter inside but the pack turn full rounded)
Estimate weight (without accessories): 380 gr  UltraGrid 200, VX07 or 200D Nylon/spectra. For recommend base gear list up to 4 kg, comfort limit up to 9 kg, limit total loads up to 12 kg . (SUL version of KS 30 and 40 here)
KS 50 (Compatible BV500 inserted vertically inside, best location between shoulders according to my test)
Volume total 48 L (36+8+2+2), 
For recommend base gear list up to 4 kg, comfort limit up to 9 kg, limit total loads up to 12 kg . Estimated weight (without accessories) :  400 gr UltraGrid 200, VX07 or 200D Nylon/spectra 
New KS 60, Roomy size to insert inside vertically bear canister with more comfort than KS50 or for bulky winter gears.
Volume total 58 L (45+8+2,5+2,5), 
For recommend base gear list up to 4 kg, comfort limit up to 9 kg, limit total loads up to 12 kg.
Estimated weight (without accessories) :  420 gr UltraGrid 200, VX07 or 200D Nylon/spectra.


                              Measure Belt hip size at larger part of ilium
75-84 range usable from 73 cm up to 90cm
85-94  from 75 cm up to 100 cm
95-104   from 75 cm  up to110 cm
105-114 from 75 cm up to120 cm 
IMPORTANT color information:

Blue is the EPX200 version
RED in Paypal menu above is the VX07 version, email me if you want to replace it by the EPX 200 version  Red brick
200D Nylon/spectra is replaced by UltraGrid 200 Black (with white grid)

For more FABRIC INFOS and colors click: HERE

EPL 200 X ULTRA option here

(Price not include shipping fee and have to be added here) 

KS Packs order:
Torso size
Hip size
Pack body fabric
Renfort Patch color on front pocket if mesh
Front pocket fabric options if not default nylon mesh Cordura add 10 gr, X21 RC, VX07 soft,  200D save 5 gr, other X-pac, Ecopak add 10 gr, .

Cordura Option for front pocket 

Color if X-pac/ecopak or 200D
Ice Axes or trekking pole loops holder   :
Fit 2 up to 6 loop/cord lock at up and low part , add 5 gr for 2 loops.
(Options can be cumulative, for ex: Option for pole both sides + for ice axes at one or two sides)

Trekking pole loops holder (left side).
35 cm between loops.

Ice axe loop holder (right side)




Removable pocket 1L: 

Size: 5X19X12/9 cm with waterproof zip and 1 key holder hook inside (one/pair).
Weight around:  24 gr LS07,  28 gr X21RC or 200D, 30gr VX07, 35 gr VX21
One year warranty YKK Zip
(Strap option to turn the pocket as a satchel here)
Re-designed March 2018
(Left side means left hand when pack is worn)

Localisation (if single pocket)
Fabric color
Hole for hydration pipe (with inside hook) and water pouch pocket  options for up to 43 cm X 17 cm X 7cm size water pouch.
(This pocket is compatible with internal pad pocket option but not with internal pocket option.) Add 3 gr or 20 gr
 compatible with removable internal pocket option.

Placed at center, allow right or left pipe way out.

Water pouch + hook

H2o Options
 Back Padded option:
3D mesh back (add 30 gr approx)
or 3D mesh back padded with not removable 8mm foam pad (add 60 gr in total.)
or NEW BLACK Cordura back padded with not removable 5 or 10 mm foam pad  (add 45-65 gr approx)
(No loops at top and bottom for exterior pad lashing in all this case)

Only 3D mesh back =2 mm
(No loops at top and bottom for exterior pad lashing)

 3D mesh back padded with not removable 8mm foam. (total=10 mm)
(No loops at top and bottom for exterior pad lashing)

Cordura + not removable 10 mm foam pad
(No loops at top and bottom for exterior pad lashing)

Internal pocket fixed or removable:
(around 20cm x 21cm) made of nylon ripstop 70 D black, closed by mini velcro or YKK zip, FIXED: 9/11 gr
REMOVABLE for UL satchel use fit hook and round cord: 17/21 gr
Only Removable is compatible with hydration pocket option.

REMOVABLE for satchel use
Internal pocket
Large belt option, 38 mm with dual Adjust Side Release Buckle (in place of 25 mm default) for confort and better load report on waist. 
Add 9 gr in 85-94 cm belt size range:
I tried double 25 mm strap, it is not as efficient as my single 
38 mm belt strap, in fact only the superior strap
 supports the main effort, less comfortable and heavier !

Large belt 38 mm
20 mm removable air sternum strap with whistle(height adjustable by sliding on strap)  weight 18 gr but add only 9gr from standard default 13 mm sternum strap.
Usable length 40 cm VS 30 cm for default 13mm model.
Comfortable and convenient even in cold condition.

New design (Oct 2023)

Price: 550 JPY

Dry bag type top closure system:

Closed by velcro (Omni tape named) with soft touch, not aggressive for skin and almost no stitch on other fabrics.
Or by snaps (New)
Top 15 mm buckle:
By Snaps
Add around
12 gr or 6 gr
The backpack don't turn waterproof with this option.
(Associate with extension collar option is recommended mostly if you have 56 cm torso size, to increase rolled part longer) 

Dry bag top closure system
Sit Pad sleeve pair:
200D add 16gr cordura 330D 18 gr 3D mesh add 24 gr
 For pad length= your torso size X 25 cm X 3 cm max
Made of 3D mesh add 24 gr

  Sit pad are sold below
Sit Pad pockets
Sit pad size around 25 x 50cm (rectangular since March 2018) according to your back length size, in durable ( Made in Japan) PE foam, 10 mm, color grey.
weight around 35 gr (torso 53 cm)
Full rolled pad in sale here
Price 1000 JPY
Zipped front pocket option 7L + 10 gr:
(YKK Zip)
Fit hole at lower corners to drain humidity.

Zipped front pocket option:
Color if X-pac/ecopak
Internal pad holder corners set:
Usable Width = 25 cm, length = your torso size less 6 cm:
Using with removable pad, make the back of the pack more comfortable and more rigid.
Weight + 5 gr
 10 mm Pad in option, shaped and weight according to your back size + 40 gr.

Picture show the pack reversed, inside out.

Load lifter strap :

Brings the weight of the pack towards you:

For frame less pack, the load lifter system work well only when the pack is full.
Load lifter option is recommended also for adjust your backpack torso length. (Increases the length effect)
Lineloc +Cord add 9 gr , 20 mm webbing add 17gr. The 2 solutions works well, the cord may be changed when degraded, 20 mm strap may have easier handling .
20 mm webbing
Linelock + cord 

Upper side pockets pair 

They are quite flat to not  interfere with the pockets below or your arms, you can also use the side cord to prevent content from sliding down:

(EPL 200 option here)
Strong mesh
 Pair add around 25 gr in strong mesh or fabric.
Fabric with 500 ml bottle
 (Fit hole at low corner to drain water)

Removable Frame se:
A good UL alternative if you don't use your rolled pad to create a frame in your backpack  and to optimize load transfer on hips .
 Easily removable (10 sec) frame aluminum tube, weight according to your torso size around 50 gr (25 gr + 25 gr for stays) + 10 gr for fixed loops. Associate with 38 mm waist strap/buckle option is recommended. Comfort  increased with this 2 options.
New: you can order the system without tube and use yours: Tent pole, Carbon pole for ex in sale here, DIY length =your torso size + about 20 mm diameter 8 or 9 mm. I suggest putting duct tape on the end of the tube to prevent abrasion and increasing the diameter to secure the whole thing without a gap.
Associate with load lifter strap or cord option is also recommended.
This option is compatible with backpack: KS packs, Alpisack, R-50, and all options even anatomic padded hip belt option.
Recommend to use with your sit pad in back, extern or intern, to keep distance from of the tube.  

Frame set attach with
Custom front pocket form with fabric stripe at top and separate top closure (Top strap is not fixed directly on pocket like standard fitting but dissociates. If items are secured at top of the pack, it prevent them to slipping down to the front pocket.
Included option when the Y top stripe option is took!
Available for standard mesh pocket and fabric pocket option.
(default 13 mm strap/hook top closure or 20 mm/buckle optional)
Stripe material: 200D or X-pac /ecopak fabric
(weight gain 3 gr)

200D N/spectra top stripe

Price: 1000 JPY
Top stripe fabric:
Bottom loops options:
Option 1 = 4 loops at bottom
Option 2 = 4 gear loops at front of bottom add 2 gr
Option 3 = option 1 + option 2 = 6 loops in total (2 jointly)  add 3 gr 

4 loops at bottom
4 loops at front bottom (Black color, green only for illustration)

Loops options
ALUMINUM hook options and
 20 mm strap size option at TOP or for SHOULDER strap:
-TOP 20 mm webbing strap with 20 mm plastic buckle in place of default 13 mm hook/strap
-SHOULDER 20 mm webbing strap in place of default 13 mm (comfort)-TOP 13 mm Aluminum hook in place of default 13 mm hook/strap.
- TOP 20 mm Aluminum hook on 20 mm webbing strap size in place of default 13 mm hook/strap
20 mm ALU hook option not compatible with Y top strap option

TOP Aluminum hook option
(13 mm model in picture, 20 mm option possible)

13 mm hook when custom front pocket option taken

TOP 20 mm strap/buckle option add  7gr

SHOULDER 20 mm strap webbing option add 12 gr

Removable or fix "hand pull loops" :
Hand pull loops are made to insert the thumb to pull and relieve shoulder part. 
Size 20 mm. 
Add around Fix 10 gr/pair (Removable mean you can put off the loop when no needed) Removable  15gr.
Not compatible with shoulder pocket option.
Removable are adaptable on every pack with (20-25mm)
daisy chain on shoulder straps

 V or Y shaped top closure strap:
come now with the custom front pocket option to dissociate pocket and strap and prevent slipping down items in direction of front pocket  (You don't need to double take the custom front pocket option)

Although it is possible to use the default strap for this, the V strap or Y strap option makes carrying more stable, especially for a BEAR CANISTER.

13 mm V strap + hook add around 10 gr  (Top maximum length = 2X70 cm+ front hook attach)
20 mm  Y strap + buckle add around 20 gr (Top maximum length = 2X70 cm + front 20 cm strap/buckle for easier adjustment). 20 mm option is 
Not compatible with ALU hook option

I put a tri-glide adjuster to prevent the rest of the strap from dangling, if you find that its use complicates the total operation, you can skip it.

13 mm V strap /hook (on KS50)

20 mm Y strap/buckle (On KS60)
Not compatible with ALU hook option

Top stripe fabric color:

 Lycra mesh (Medium weight) shoulder pocket on shoulder strap:
For smartphone, compact camera, sun glasses, snack etc... or water flask up to 65 mm diameter. (Not compatible with hand pull loops option): 
Add 26 gr /pair (Not removable)
 Enlarged April 2022.
Right pocket opened, left pocket Zipped  (when pack is wornby default or select on PayPal menu:
Right pocket opened, left pocket Zipped  (when pack is worn)

Lycra mesh shoulder pouch

If single, position:
Extension collar option + 10 cm
By default, KS50 or KS60 total length (collar full opened like in PIC) is 80 cm, 75 cm for KS40, 70 cm for KS30 .
To increase collar length for better efficient close (mostly if you have 56 cm torso size for KS30 or 40) or increase volume (bear canister inside for ex) you can add this option:
At the opposite, with a torso 44 cm for a KS40, it is better to skip for a KS50 or KS60 if you want to increase volume than to add a collar extension option.
Weight for a KS 50 = around +14 gr /X21RC fabric, 10 gr /LS07, volume about +5L
Price 1000 JPY

Quick trekking pole holder
Usable the pack worn,  Add 6 to 12 gr 
(Only one side can support 2 poles but consider 2 sides for weight repartition and balance) 
Left side in this PIC

Bottom heavy lycra mesh pocket:
Available for right hand or left hand access.(Small trash hole at the opposite side corner)
Weight 14 gr , 16, 18 or 22 gr  according to bottom size.
(Available for all packs excepted for Alpisack and R-30/50)

Right hand open side
Price: 950 JPY
Open side
 Rounded pouch (Removable):
  Multi usage: for bottle, soft flask or GPS, camera, snack, smartphone etc...
Volume 0, 6 L( 7cm diameter/ 17 cm)
Top and bottom fixation by two 25 mm clips, strong mesh at bottom.
Weight from 18gr (LS07)/ 200D and Soft VX07: 20 gr
0,5 L Bottle and 0,6L soft flask in sale here

More pouch here

Rounded pouch
Fabric color
Vertical stripe color
Removable belt strap (20, 25 or 38mm width size)
in place of fixed padded belt. (Not compatible with frame set option)
The padded part​ weighs about 35 gr, but we have to extend the strap part and put a loop attach, then I think about 20 gr lighter (depends also on waist size, strap width size).
25 mm in picture


XL shoulder straps :

Black default and XL 200D N/spectra 

+ 6 cm length +1 cm wider,
Size=70 mm/480mm in place of default 60 mm/ 420 mm

Could be considered if your chest is over 110 cm circumference, and/or for a very long torso, if you planned to place a very thick pad in your back, winter clothes layers etc... 
(Fit new November 2021 foam) Weight +30 gr/pair
Note: when lycra mesh pocket option, they are placed at bottom of the strap (curved part)
Ex: I have a torso 50 +3 =53 cm, chest 95 cm  and the standard strap fits me well even with many clothes layers.

XL shoulder strap
NEW Lumbar cushion:
Increase comfort end hip wrap.
(more versatility and better load connexion when frame set than Anatomic belt)
Interior padded with 10 mm foam /330D black fabric exterior or 3D MESH, 
 keep the default loop at bottom to allow exterior bungee cord for pad if needed (excepted when 3D mesh for the back back option or padded cordura back option)
Add  16 gr with 25 mm belt, 25 gr with 38 mm belt (85-94 cm range).

Not compatible with sit pad pocket option.

3D MESH finish

CORDURA 330D finish fabric 

For Omega packs, 38 mm belt strap is default fit .
You don't need to double take the 38 mm belt strap option if you choose the 38 mm size for KS packs, it will be included:

Finish fabric:
Anatomic belt :
To better enclose the hips of thin people (70 up to 84 cm) But this option doesn't allow you to put your pad on back outside, no pad pocket options compatibility. 3D mesh back padded or inside pad corner+ pad are possible options. Removable waist pocket option compatible. 
NOT Omega pack compatible, consider lumbar cushion option above.

38 mm belt strap size and lumbar padded part are INCLUDED

Weight gain about + 40 gr according to your belt size

38 mm belt and side load lifter included

Hip size
Additional removable parallel top strap:
an alternative to Y top strap option with more stability, 
+ 7 gr for fixed laderlocks, and  +16 gr for two removable 13mm/75 cm straps
(Associate to the custom front pocket option is recommended)