Currently manufacturing lead time: about 8 weeks  

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Ultra light Alpine Pack!

Designed for hiking, climbing, backcountry, skiing and snowshoeing.

Volume total 56 L (45 body + 8 front + 1,5 + 1,5 sides)19 cm at width
Or new! 47 L (36 body + 8 front + 1,5 + 1,5 sides)16 cm at width
Total weight base 56L (200D fabric) 515 gr like in this picture(47L = 10 gr lighter):

 Included By default: 
-330D Cordura bottom, side pockets and back. 

-Body fabric: 200D/Spectra, UltraGrid200,  X-pac or Ecopak (565 gr base weight). 

-Shoulder strap and waist padded belt: Cordura330D

-8 L* front mesh pocket with top stipe optional color (*helmet compatible size)

- 2 ice axes loops.

- 4 side straps 20 mm (45 cm) to secure skis, snowshoes etc....

- 4 loops under the bag to secure the mattress, tent etc..

- 20 mm daisy chain  on shoulder strap + 20 mm load lifter strap.

-Draw cord top closure

-6 Front loops and bungee cord

- A 20 mm sternum strap/Whistle, slide adjustable and removable.
Alpisack 56 = 515 gr total base weight in 200D N/Spectra fabric could be reduced, using cord load lifter in place of 20 mm strap, 13 mm sternum strap in place of 20 mm, 13mm/hook top strap in place of 20 mm/buckle, please notify by email your wish if needed.
(Alpisack 47 = -10 gr lighter)

Cordura can be replaced by 200D N/Spectra options here to go lighter.

Specific options:
  4 back loop/bungee for pad 8 gr, upper side pockets 25 gr, Gear loops on belt 5 gr, 2 daisy chains in place of front pocket, dual ice axe in place of front pocket, removable bottom strap 8-20gr.

 KS Packs option are also available like Fabric front pocket, frame set, internal pocket, dry bag top closure, removable waist pocket, 38 mm belt... etc...)

 Removable top lid is also available here.

To change shoulder strap fabric, waist belt fabric, side pockets , bottom and back fabric...take the options HERE

For recommend base gear list up to 4 kg, confort limit up to 9 kg, recommended limit total loads up to 12 kg .
4 torso sizes: 47 cm, 50 cm, 53 cm, 56 cm

1) Mesure your back (torso size) like this (up to C7, not trapezius) AND ADD 3 CM 
2) And measure your usual backpack to be surebottom of the pack up to start of shoulder strap Y.(If start part is inclined, take at middle point of one strap)
 3) By default (Subject to differ according to your legs length): for 1m62 ---> 44 cm 1 m 68---> 47 cm, 1m74--> 50 cm, 1m80-->53cm, 1m86-->56 cm (Asiatic people may add 3 cm for this method)
                               Intersect the result of 3 methods to be sure.

FAQ: Alpisack VS KS60 ? About the same total volume, Alpisack has larger width side with two 20 straps, more compact and lower placed side pockets, 2 ice axe loops, 20 mm strap/buckles for easy use even in cold situations ​(= 20 mm Top, load lifter and sternum strap included​). One piece rounded bottom from back to front to prevent abrasive injuries with 4 loops placed to secure gear. Alpisack is a 4 seasons pack, including climbing when KS60 is more geared towards hiking and trekking. Very compressible and super light (600 VS 500 g), both can be used as a daypack.

Torso size
Belt Hip size:
Front pocket top stripe color
Pack BODY color
Specific options:
 4 back loop/bungee for pad, upper side pockets, Gear loops on belt,, 2 daisy chains in place of front pocket, dual ice axe in place of front pocket, removable bottom strap:
Option type:
2 daisy chain in place of front pocket

4 loops and bungee on back
(Loops included by default when Omega option is taken)

Dual ice axe holder set in place of front pocket

Gear loop on belt
(Placed on the daisy chain only when Omega framed option) 

2 Removable 13 mm bottom straps, weight 12 gr
+ 8 gr for not removable loop on pack = Total 20 gr
Ideal for Crampons, rolled pad, even snowshoes !


Alpisack 56 Ability details:

 Alpisack Omega Framed Ability video:

Secure snowshoe on KS

Even you can use the default front mesh pocket for that, the optional
zipped front pocket allow to secure the rescue set,
up to 47 cm for the probe length, placed in diagonal.


Ωmega framed ALPISACK version option:

Same default equipment as ALPISACK but with:

New original removable  bendeΩ frame (Aluminum).

"Omega shaped" back with additional loops (for frame and sit pad if used)

20 mm load lifter strap on 38 mm daisy chain reinforced shoulder straps (longevity and comfort).

38 mm strap/buckle in line of 38mm daisy chain on reinforced padded belt (longevity and comfort).

Top collar enlarged (model 47 and 56) from shoulder part and 10 cm extended allow to receive horizontally the bear canister BV500, at inside top (only 56 Model)

Total volume increased up to 64 L (55L when Alpisack 47 base). Weight gain about +100 gr

Recommend for base gear list up to 5 kg, comfort limit 15 kg, recommended limit total loads up to 18 kg.

Ecopak EPX 200 Red fabric 660 gr
+ frame = 730 gr