Dear Customers, the workshop close in November up to 25 Th.
Order from now will be placed but made from this date. Low email activity during this period. Thank you for your patience and support.
Add 5 to 15 days for shipping duration according to your localization. Running equipments are in stock and shipped within 3 days.
To have a quote included shipping fee please charge your cart. Weight estimations are indicate for each packs and each options.
Only site options are available (Minor alterations may be possible)

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KS Packs
KS ultralight gear 当サイトへのご訪問ありがとうございます。登山、ハイキング用の

Bienvenue chez KS, l'atelier de matériel ultra-léger personnalisé, sacs à dos ultra-légers et d'accessoires pour la randonnée, l'alpinisme, conçus au Japon par un Français!

Welcome to KS ultralight gear , the workshop of custom ultralight backpacks and accessory for hiking, climbing. Designed and made in Japan (except specified).